We've compiled a list of resources which we think might be useful to research groups, both within Accretia and beyond. We're always ready to provide individualised support to our research groups as well. If you have any resources that you think might be useful to share please let us know.


Your institution might be able to provide access to some of these databases. We've tried allocate groups with at least one member having access.

Cochrane Library

Google Scholar


NHS Evidence

NICE Guidelines



Web of Science





Google Datasets

Systematic review resources

Covidence - great for systematic review management (requires a subscription)

Mendeley - great for handling references

Prospero - great for registering your review and seeing what else is being worked on

Rayyan - great for handling screening of articles

Systematic Review Toolbox - great way to find new tools that can help speed up your systemic review

Quality Improvement Resources

Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership Guide - great for learning about what quality improvement means

RCGP Resources - great for looking at some examples of QI projects

Limb et al (2017) - great article providing a concise overview of QI

RCP Resources - great for accessing QI project tools and frameworks

RCP QI Top Tips - great for accessing resources to use in your QI project

Research Tools

Asana - great for project management

Genei - great for summarising research papers

edX Data analysis Courses - great for learning new skills

Grammarly - great for checking spelling and grammar

Overleaf - great for data analysis projects with lots of equations

Scimagojr - great for choosing a journal

JournalGuide - also great for choosing a journal